Best RV Camping Memberships

Find some of the most popular RV campground membership camping locations to help make you next RV travel and camping trip even more enjoyable!

Best RV Camping Memberships to Use On Your Next RV Travel Trip

Make your next RV campout even better by joining the best RV Memberships clubs throughout the United States.

RV Roundup can help you find the very best RV camping membership clubs throughout the USA that will help make your RV adventures more fun or it makes a great gift for someone who enjoys RVing as well. Below, we’ve “Rounded-Up” some of the very best RV Camping Memberships that will be a great addition you your next RV campout or getaway.

Camping Memberships at various RV campgrounds in you state or across the United States can get very expensive, especially in the time of inflation. Depending on the location, RV parks features and amenities and the time of year these costs can range from $25 a night to well over $350 a night and if you’re in prime RV camping seasons these costs can increase even more. So when you signup for an RV Camping membership you can either lock in your rate and/or pay discounted rates making it even easier on your pocket book.

Why Should You Consider in Joining One of These RV Camping Membership Clubs?

  1. You have access to a variety of different campgrounds and locations
  2. Your campground is either included or you’ll receive an additional discount to your next RV campground stay.
  3. You are familiar with the membership and parks making it even easier to reserve and stay at these various campgrounds.

Before You Purchase Your RV Campsite Membership Program, You Should Consider the following:

  1. What’s the Price? What is the price of these camping membership and will I be able to fully utilize it?
  2. How often will I use it? How ofter will I be using this RV Campsite Membership? If you’re only using the RV membership just a couple times a year, it might not be worth it.
  3. When Can I use it? What the length of time and/or the camping membership season for you to utilize the RV membership.
  4. How long can I use it? Some RV camping membership clubs have various lengths of stay restrictions. This is something to consider.
  5. Where can I use it? Some RV camping membership clubs have thousands, hundreds to just a few locations and some of these can be pretty sparse or too far to utilize as well as different type of campsites. Take a look at what locations they have to offer and will it benefit you.
  6. What if I don’t want my RV Membership anymore? What if I want to cancel or want to transfer my RV club membership. As always, please read their fine prince as I’m sure their terms and policies are always subject to change. Always get it in writing.

Best RV Camping Memberships Lists

Passport America RV Campground Membership


Passport America RV Campground Membership that provides half price RV camping to a network of over 1,100+ quality campgrounds and RV parks throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Click here to learn more about Passport America Campgrounds.

Costs/Fees Passport America RV Campgrounds Membership:

  • 1 Year Membership: $44
  • 2 Year Membership: $79
  • 3 Year Membership: $109
  • 5 Year Membership: $179
  • Lifetime Gold Membership: $299 Offer expires 7/23/23)

Harvest Host RV Campground Membership


Harvest Host Quick Links

Harvest Hosts RV Campgrounds Cost/Fees: Right now you can signup for Harvest Hosts Campgrounds for $84.15/year (Use promo code JULY), which is always subject to change. Harvest Hosts has a Classic plan (4629+ Locations) for $99/year, a Harvest Hosts + Boondockers Welcome plan (8057+ Locations) for a $169/year and a All Access plan (8504+ Locations) for a $179/year. Click here to sign up for additional plans, click here.

Boondockers Welcome RV Campground Membership


Boondockers Welcome RV Campgrounds currently offers 3390+ incredible RV Camping Hosts across the United States and Canada, offering great places to stay and RV camp wherever you go in North America, so you can escape the crowded and noisy campground sites in favor of a desired private spot on beautiful property and a meaningful connection with a friendly host! Click here to learn more about Boondockers Welcome Campgrounds.

Boondockers Welcome RV Campgrounds Membership Pricing: The $79 yearly membership to the Boondockers Welcome RV Campgrounds gives members unlimited access to stay at any one of the 3390+ Host locations. That’s about the cost of a single night at a campground.

Escapees RV Club Campground Membership


Escapees RV Camping Parks offers 19 Escapees parks in the United States that are located from Washington State to Florida that offer unique options for members. In addition, we partner with over 800 commercial RV parks that offer a 15 to 50 percent discount. Click here to learn more about Escapees RV Club Campgrounds.

KOA RV Campground Membership


KOA RV Campgrounds is one of the United States and world’s largest network of privately owned campgrounds. Chances are KOA there a KOA RV Camping spot near you. Click here to learn more about KOA Campgrounds.

KOA RV Campgrounds Rewards Program Costs: The price is $36/year and you’ll receive the following:

  • 10%* off your daily registration rate
  • Rewards points that accumulate for cash off future stays
  • Free* night of camping during KOA Rewards Weekend
    * There are restrictions, go to their website for more details.

Good Sam RV Campground Membership


Good Sam Campgrounds is America’s Largest Campground Network where it members receive an exclusive RV discounts whenever they stay at one of our locations or purchase any of their services. Good Sam has thousands of parks and RV campground locations across the United States. Click here to learn more about Good Sam Campgrounds.

Cost: Good Sam RV Campground Memberships start at: $29 – 1 year, $55 – 2 years, $79 – 3 years.

Coast to Coast RV Resort Campground Membership


Coast to Coast RV Campgrounds is part of a larger company (Good Sam, Camping World, and and has a system of RV campground where Coast to Coast membership are accepted across North America, enhanced with open-to-the-public Good Neighbor Parks. Click here to learn more about Coast to Coast RV resort Campgrounds.

Thousand Trails RV Campground Membership


Thousand Trails RV Campgrounds offers more than 200 camping locations in some of the most desirable outdoor recreation and vacation destinations in North America. Click here to learn more about Thousand Trails Campgrounds.

RV Membership Pass Costs
Camp for the next 12 months with no nightly fees. You basically pick One Region (5 to choose from) and pay $536 a year. Add additional regions for $90 dollars each. They do offer monthly payment options as well. Learn More

DISCOUNTS & Special Offers
Summer Discount:
Use this Promo Code to Get 20% Off at certain locations: Promo code: SUMMER20

Midweek Discount: Use this Promo Code to a discount at certain locations: Promo code: WEEKDAY

First Responders Discounts: Use this Promo Code to a discount at certain locations: Promo code: HERO20

Military Discounts: Use this Promo Code to a discount at certain locations: Promo code: MILITARY20

Thousand RV Campground Quick Links

Resort Parks International “RPI” RV Campground Membership


Resorts Park International RPI RV Campgrounds has an ever-expanding network of hundreds of the nation’s top-rated private RV resorts in the U.S. RPI membership is only available to individuals whose home resort is affiliated with RPI. Click here to learn more about Resorts Parks International Campgrounds.

Resorts Park International RPI RV Campgrounds Pricing/Fees

Cathedral Palms
$4,495.00 – Lifetime (transferrable)

Tomorrow’s Stars
$3,495.00 – Lifetime (transferrable)

Hidden Springs
$2,995.00 – Lifetime (transferrable)

* NOTE: Memberships must be purchased in person, at the specific park. and are subject to change anytime

Resorts Park International RPI RV Campground Quick Links

America the Beautiful National Parks & Federal Recreational Land Passes


America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Passes are a suite of annual and lifetime passes that provides U.S. citizens and visitors an affordable and convenient way to access Federal recreational lands. Click here to learn more about America the Beautiful National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Passes.

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Harvest Hosts RV Campground Membership is a great RV membership program that allows RV campers and travelers to overnight camp at great unique locations all around the country. These RV camping spots includes farms, wineries, museums, breweries, and much much more!  Harvest Hosts has over 5,059+ of host locations inside of their ever-expanding camp network. Click here to learn more about Harvest Hosts Campgrounds.

A Harvest Hosts Campground Membership includes – 

  • Unlimited stays with 5,059+ Camping Harvest Hosts in North America with no camping fees;
  • Stay at farms, wineries, museums, attractions, breweries, and much much more
  • You’ll receive Over $1500 in exclusive Member discounts to companies such as GoodYear, Jackery, Thousand Trails, etc.
  • Harvest Hosts Campground Photos and reviews from your fellow RVers so you know exactly what to expect
  • You can easily access the Harvest Hosts Campground free mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Check Harvest Hosts availability and easily book your stay on the Harvest Hosts website or app
  • Plan your RV stays along your route with our trip routing feature.