Andersen Trailer Jack Rv Blocks

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks – RV Leveling Solution Enhances Stability

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks with Magnets have truly made a difference in my RV setup experience, as I recently had the opportunity to try out a set.

Using the Jack Blocks was a breeze. The magnets made it so simple to attach them to the jacks, and the sturdy design provided a sense of security knowing my RV was stable. I appreciated the versatility of the blocks, as they could double as seats when needed. Additionally, the ease of storage and handling was a definite plus for me.

Eliminate Movement and Sway

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks

The Trailer Jack Blocks from Andersen Hitches are designed to eliminate nearly all movement and sway in parked RVs and trailers. This not only provides a more stable and secure environment for your vehicle but also reduces stress on the trailer. With these blocks in place, you can enjoy a more comfortable and worry-free camping experience.

Versatile and Durable Design

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks

These blocks offer double the value by serving multiple purposes. In addition to stabilizing your trailer, they can also be used as seats, motorcycle stands, or even water buckets for extinguishing campfires. The blocks are built to be extremely strong and durable, resisting dirt and oil. Their stackable design allows for extra height and versatility, making them a practical and versatile addition to your RV accessories.

Easy to Use and Handle

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks

Customers rave about the ease of use and convenience of the Trailer Jack Blocks. Equipped with magnets, these blocks make it simple to attach them to the jacks, saving you time and effort during the leveling process. Despite their sturdy construction, they are lightweight and easy to handle. Whether you’re on gravel, cement, or blacktop, these blocks provide reliable support and stability for your RV, ensuring a stress-free setup wherever you go.

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks: Quality Craftsmanship

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks

Made in the USA, the Trailer Jack Blocks from Andersen Hitches boast excellent craftsmanship and quality. Customers appreciate the sturdiness and reliability of these blocks, highlighting their superior performance compared to traditional wood blocks. The addition of magnets enhances alignment precision, making the leveling process a breeze. If you’re looking for a durable and efficient solution for stabilizing your RV, these blocks are a top choice.

Practical and User-Friendly

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks

The practical design of the Trailer Jack Blocks makes them a must-have accessory for RV owners. Their ability to support a significant amount of weight while remaining stackable and space-efficient sets them apart from other leveling solutions. Customers praise the blocks for their strength and height, which help prevent overextension of hydraulic jacks and potential system malfunctions. Despite their tall build, these blocks are easy to handle and offer added convenience during setup and storage.

Maintenance Tips and Considerations


While the Trailer Jack Blocks offer exceptional performance, some users have noted minor maintenance concerns. For instance, the screws holding the magnets may be prone to rust over time, affecting their longevity. To address this issue, applying a rust-preventive solution like WD40 can help maintain the magnets’ functionality. By taking simple maintenance steps, you can ensure that your Trailer Jack Blocks continue to deliver reliable support and stability for your RV.

Maximizing Stability with Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks


The Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks stand out in the market for their unparalleled ability to maximize stability for RVs and trailers. This innovative product, designed with meticulous attention to detail, significantly reduces movement and sway, offering a peace of mind to users. The inclusion of magnets for easy attachment to jacks not only simplifies the setup process but also enhances the overall user experience. By integrating these blocks into your setup, you’re investing in a solution that brings stability and reliability to your RV or trailer, ensuring a more enjoyable and worry-free outdoor adventure.

Another aspect that sets the Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks apart is their dual utility. Not only do they serve as robust stabilizing agents for parked RVs and trailers, but they also double as versatile tools around the campsite. Whether used as a seat, a motorcycle stand, or even a water bucket for extinguishing campfires, these blocks exemplify the innovative design and multifunctionality that Andersen Hitches is known for. The durability and resistance to dirt and oil further underscore their value, making them a must-have accessory for any RV owner.

Unpacking the Durability of Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks

Durability is a cornerstone of the Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks, offering a long-lasting solution to RV and trailer owners. Constructed from high-quality materials, these blocks resist the typical wear and tear associated with outdoor use. Their ability to withstand heavy loads without compromising on performance is a testament to the engineering prowess behind Andersen Hitches’ products. Users can confidently rely on these blocks to maintain their structural integrity over time, making them a wise investment for those seeking dependable RV accessories.

The design consideration for dirt and oil resistance further enhances the longevity and maintenance ease of the Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks. This thoughtful feature ensures that the blocks remain clean and functional, even in the most challenging outdoor conditions. The stackable design not only provides versatility in usage but also contributes to the durability by distributing weight evenly when used in tandem. This attention to detail and commitment to quality is what places Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks in a league of their own, setting a high standard for RV leveling solutions.

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks: A User-Friendly Approach to RV Leveling

The ease of use associated with the Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks is a highlight that deserves special attention. The incorporation of magnets for a secure and straightforward attachment to jack pads revolutionizes the leveling process, making it accessible even to novices. This user-friendly design not only speeds up the setup but also ensures that the blocks are correctly positioned for optimal stability. The convenience of this system allows RV owners to focus more on enjoying their outdoor experiences and less on the complexities of equipment setup.

Furthermore, the Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks’ versatility as a multi-use tool enhances their appeal to a broad audience. The ability to use these blocks for purposes beyond leveling, such as seating or as a makeshift stand, demonstrates Andersen Hitches’ commitment to creating products that serve a variety of needs. This multi-functional approach, coupled with the product’s straightforward usability, makes the Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks a standout choice for RV and trailer owners looking for reliable and easy-to-use leveling solutions.

Aligning Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks with Environmental Standards

: In an era where environmental consciousness is more important than ever, the Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks align with sustainable practices by adhering to the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) standards. This certification is indicative of Andersen Hitches’ dedication to not only producing high-quality RV accessories but also ensuring that their products are eco-friendly. By choosing Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks, consumers are making a choice that supports environmental sustainability without compromising on the functionality and durability essential for outdoor adventures.

The commitment to sustainability seen in the Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks is a reflection of a broader trend within the RV accessory market towards eco-conscious manufacturing. Andersen Hitches leads by example, showing that it is possible to combine innovative design with environmental responsibility. This alignment with BPI standards not only enhances the product’s appeal to environmentally minded consumers but also sets a benchmark for the industry, encouraging other manufacturers to follow suit in adopting sustainable practices.


  • The Trailer Jack Blocks are versatile, serving not only as stabilizers but also as seats, motorcycle stands, or even water buckets, offering multiple uses for your money.
  • They are designed with magnets for easy attachment to jacks, simplifying the leveling process and making them easy to handle and store.
  • Constructed to be extremely strong and durable, the blocks can resist dirt and oil, ensuring a long lifespan even with frequent use.


  • The magnets, while useful, can attract rust if not properly maintained, potentially requiring extra care or replacement over time.
  • Though they are stackable for extra height, stacking more than two is not recommended, which may limit their functionality for some RVs or trailers needing more elevation.
  • The screws holding the magnets are not stainless steel, leading to rust and breakage, which is a notable design flaw that could impact long-term durability.

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In conclusion, I highly recommend these Trailer Jack Blocks to any RV owner looking for a reliable and durable leveling solution. The quality of the product, combined with its practical features, truly sets it apart. I am thoroughly impressed with their performance and would not hesitate to purchase them again in the future.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How heavy are the Trailer Jack Blocks, and are they easy to transport?

Answer: Each block weighs approximately 11.88 pounds, making them lightweight enough to be easily transported yet sturdy enough for stable support.

Question: Can the Trailer Jack Blocks be used on any surface?

Answer: Yes, they work effectively on gravel, cement, or blacktop, providing reliable stability on a variety of surfaces.

Question: What maintenance is required to keep the Trailer Jack Blocks in good condition?

Answer: To prevent rust, especially on the magnets, it’s recommended to occasionally apply a protective spray like WD40. Also, checking and possibly replacing the screws with stainless steel ones could extend their lifespan.

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  • ELIMINATES NEARLY ALL MOVEMENT AND SWAY in parked RV’s and Trailers (Less Stress on Your Trailer)