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Best RV Clubs & Organizations You Should Consider Joining

Find some of the most popular and Best RV Clubs & RV Organizations You Should Consider Joining to help make you next RV travel and camping trip even more enjoyable!

Best RV Clubs & RV Organizations You Should Consider Joining

Membership camping can seem costly initially, but for those who spend several months a year on the road or live in their RV full-time, it can be a valuable investment. The initial expense is balanced by much lower annual dues, granting access to very affordable camping options. Some memberships even offer the possibility of free camping, making it an attractive option for frequent RVers looking to save on accommodation costs in the long run.

Here’s a listing of the various RV Clubs: The Best RV Clubs & Groups You Should Join!

Best RV Clubs Lists – General Interest

Escapees RV Club Membership

Escapees RV Club Membership

The Escapees RV Club offers a comprehensive membership for RVers, providing a wide range of services including mail forwarding, a supportive community, and educational resources. Members benefit from discounts on RV parks and campgrounds, access to events and social gatherings, and advocacy on RV-related issues. The club emphasizes a sense of community and belonging, offering support for the RV lifestyle through forums, guides, and member assistance programs. It caters to both full-time RVers and recreational travelers, aiming to enhance the RV experience through shared knowledge and resources.

Escapees RV Club Cost & Fees

  • $49.99/year – USA memberships
  • $59.99/year – Canada & Mexico

Family Motor Coach Association RV Club (FMCA)

Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is the best RV association, offering freedom, fun, good times and plenty of RVing!

  • Campground and RV Resort Savings
  • Get discounts on camping fees from partners like Passport America, Harvest Hosts,
  • Boondockers Welcome and more!
  • Access a special offer for the KOA Value Kard Rewards Program.
  • Receive 50% off two nights per month at FMCA’s private campground.
  • An AMAZING Rate on Roadside Assistance
  • Annual members can get roadside assistance for RV and household cars at FMCA’s discounted group rate.
  • Add family members living in your household to the plan at no extra cost!
  • Discounts, Discounts, Discounts on RV Services!
  • Tire Savings Program – save HUNDREDS of dollars on specially rated RV, light truck, and passenger car tires.
  • Mail Forwarding – Convenient for longer trips and full-timers.
  • RV Insurance – FMCA works with a preferred RV underwriter.
  • Mobile Internet Plans – Annual members can stay connected on the go with RV Wi-Fi.
  • FMCAssist Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance Plan
  • Protects you 24/7, anytime you are 75 miles or more from home.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Full-time RVers are ALWAYS covered.
  • Comparable plans can cost $200 annually (yours FREE as a member).
  • All the RV Know-How You Need
  • Receive Family RVing magazine every month.
  • Your source for RV insider news, repair & travel tips, and member stories.
  • Access to the entire digital archive.
  • News & advice from FMCA’s monthly digital newsletter and helpful online Member Forums.

FMCA RV Club Cost & Fees

  • $50.00/year + One-time $10 initiation fee
  • $5.00/month + One-time $10 initiation fee
Passport America RV Club Membership

Passport America RV Club Membership

The Passport America RV Club Membership offers RVers significant savings, with a 50% discount on nightly rates at over 1,450 campgrounds across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. It’s designed for those who seek value and enjoy traveling. Along with its cost-saving benefits, members have access to an online directory and app for easy campground finding. The club caters to a diverse community of travelers, from full-timers to weekend adventurers, enhancing their RV experience through affordable stays and a variety of camping options.

Passport America RV Cost & Fees

  • 1 Year Membership: $44
  • 2 Year Membership: $79
  • 3 Year Membership: $109
  • 5 Year Membership: $179
  • Lifetime Gold Membership: $299
Harvest Host RV Club Membership

Harvest Host RV Club Membership

The Harvest Hosts RV Club Membership offers RVers unique overnight stays at over 1,000 locations across North America, including wineries, breweries, farms, and museums. This membership is perfect for those looking to experience one-of-a-kind camping spots beyond traditional campgrounds, with no extra camping fees. It encourages exploration and supports local businesses, providing members with memorable and scenic stays. Ideal for self-contained RVs, it’s a way to meet local producers and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Harvest Host RV Club Cost & Fees

  • Harvest Hosts Classic:
    $99/year: Renewed annually
  • Harvest Hosts + Boondockers Welcome:
    $169/year: Renewed annually
  • All Access:
    $179/year: Renewed annually
Good Sam RV Club Membership

Good Sam RV Club

Good Sam RV Club Membership is a renowned organization catering to RV owners and enthusiasts, offering a suite of benefits and discounts designed to enhance the RVing experience. Members enjoy savings on campground fees, fuel, and at RV supply outlets. The club also provides RV travel resources, insurance options, and emergency roadside service tailored specifically for RVs. With a focus on community, the Good Sam Club organizes events and rallies, fostering connections among RVers. Membership in the Good Sam Club signifies joining a widespread community of travelers who share a passion for RV living and exploration.

Good Sam RV Club Cost & Fees

  • $39 / 1 year
  • $109 / 3 year
National Square Dance RV Campers Association

National Square Dance RV Campers Association

The National Square Dance Campers Association (NSDCA), founded in 1964, is a non-profit organization that unites square dance enthusiasts who also share a passion for camping. With over 100 chapters across the United States and Canada, the NSDCA organizes monthly camporees, annual international camporees featuring square dancing, crafts, games, and youth programs. Membership requires completion of a Modern Western Square Dancing course and camping in a recreational shelter. Children can join without the course but must complete it by age 18 to maintain membership.

NSDCA RV Club Quick Links

NSDCA RV Club Cost & Fees

  • Single Member: $10.00
  • Couple: $20.00
North American Family Campers Association

North American Family Campers Association

Would you like to meet other campers and make new friends? Do you want to travel and explore  new places?  Then, The North American Family Campers Association,  Inc. (NAFCA) is for you

  • NAFCA has local chapters all over New England, one in Canada, and one that meets in Florida in the winter months.
  • Year ‘round activities from camping in the summer to meetings and parties in the colder months

NAFCA Club Quick Links

NAFCA RV Club Cost & Fees

  • $30.00/year
  • $55.00/year
  • $75.00/year
RVing Women RV Club

RVing Women RV Club

The RVing Women RV Club is a vibrant community dedicated to empowering women through the freedom and adventure of RV travel. Established to provide a supportive network, it offers a safe and welcoming environment for women RV enthusiasts, regardless of their experience level. Members enjoy a variety of benefits, including access to exclusive events, rallies, and educational workshops that span the breadth of RV maintenance, travel safety, and destination exploration. This club fosters connections among women from diverse backgrounds, promoting independence, sharing knowledge, and creating lifelong friendships. It’s an ideal group for women looking to explore the open road, learn more about RVing, and connect with like-minded travelers.

RVing Women RV Club Quick Links

RVing Women RV Club Cost & Fees

  • New membership dues are $72.00 for the first year which includes a $10.00 processing fee.
  • Renewals dues are $62.00 for one member or $104.00 for Household Membership (two members).
Campers 4 Christ RV Club

Campers 4 Christ RV Club

The Campers 4 Christ RV Club is a unique community that combines the love for RV camping with a Christian fellowship. This club welcomes individuals and families who seek to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation through RVing while strengthening their faith. Members of the Campers 4 Christ RV Club participate in organized rallies, campouts, and gatherings across various locations, providing opportunities for worship, prayer, and Bible study in the great outdoors. The club emphasizes the importance of fellowship, support, and sharing God’s love while exploring nature. It serves as a spiritual home for RV enthusiasts who desire to connect with fellow Christian campers, fostering a nurturing and uplifting environment.

campers 4 Christ RV Club Quick Links

Campers 4 Christ RV Club Cost & Fees

  • First Year: $25.00 – Single Camper
  • First Year: $40.00 – Family Campers
National African American RVers Association Club

National African American RVers Association Club

The National African American RVers Association (NAARVA) is an organization that celebrates and promotes the RV lifestyle among African American families. Founded with the aim of fostering camaraderie, outdoor fun, and exploration, NAARVA organizes events and rallies across different regions in the United States, including Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western. Since its inception in 1993, NAARVA has grown from a small gathering of RV enthusiasts to a national association with a membership exceeding 1,400 active RVers. The association provides a platform for members to engage in various activities, build lifelong friendships, and explore the outdoors together. NAARVA’s annual rallies offer a mix of socializing, adventure, and family-oriented fun, promoting a sense of community and belonging among its members.

NAARVA RV Club Quick Links

NAARVA RV Club Cost & Fees

  • Membership $60.00 Annually
  • Membership $165.00 for 3 YEARS
Htc 2022 Album Cover

Handicapped Travel RV Club

The Handicapped Travel Club (HTC) is an organization aimed at fostering fun and fellowship among RVers with disabilities. Established to encourage people with various disabilities to enjoy RV traveling, HTC has been active since 1973. The club organizes an annual rally and offers resources for accessible RV travel, creating a supportive community for members to share experiences and travel tips. HTC’s motto, “For Fun and Fellowship,” encapsulates its mission to provide enjoyable and inclusive camping experiences.

Handicapped Travel RV Club Quick Links

Handicapped Travel RV ClubCost & Fees

  • Membership application fee is $20 dollars and includes the 1st years’ dues.
  • The annual dues thereafter is $10 dollars a year.
Family Campers & RVers

Family Campers & RVers Club

Family Campers & RVers (FCRV) is a family-oriented organization that promotes camping and RVing as invaluable family activities. It’s dedicated to enhancing the camping experience through a blend of education, recreational activities, and community service, making it ideal for families seeking to create lasting memories in the great outdoors. FCRV organizes a wide range of events, from national campventions to local campouts, providing opportunities for families to explore, learn, and grow together. The club emphasizes conservation, environmental education, and promoting a love for nature among its members. It offers a welcoming community for all ages, making it a perfect fit for families looking to connect with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

FCRV RV Club Cost & Fees

  • 1st Year: $35 US / $45 Can
  • 2 Years: $68 US / $86 Can
  • 3 Years: $99 US / $129 Can
  • Lifetime: $560 US / $720 Can
Tin Can Tourists RV Camper Club

Tin Can Tourists RV Camper Club

The Tin Can Tourists RV Camper Club is a historic organization with roots dating back to 1919, dedicated to celebrating the tradition of vintage trailers and motor coaches. This club has evolved to embrace all who share a passion for traveling in classic campers and modern RVs, promoting preservation, restoration, and the enjoyment of vintage RVs. Members enjoy rallies, caravan tours, and a wealth of knowledge about vintage RV maintenance and history. The club’s inclusive atmosphere welcomes enthusiasts of all ages, fostering a community that shares stories, advice, and a love for the nostalgia and charm of vintage camping. The Tin Can Tourists Club unites history buffs, restoration experts, and camping aficionados in a unique, vibrant community.

Tin Can Tourists RV Club Quick Links

Tin Can Tourists RV Club Cost & Fees

  • $25 / Year
  • $25 / Year + $30 signup fee for a Deluxe Membership
Special Military Active Recreational Travelers RV Club

Special Military Active Recreational Travelers RV Club

The Special Military Active Recreational Travelers (SMART) RV Club is a community dedicated to bringing together military veterans and their families for camaraderie, travel, and camping. Open to all active, retired, and honorably discharged veterans from the U.S. and Canadian Armed Forces, including Reserve and National Guard members, as well as those from the Air National Guard, Coast Guard, USPHS, and NOAA. The club emphasizes service to veterans through various chapters that cater to different interests, such as golfing, traveling, and more. Members enjoy activities ranging from social gatherings and potluck meals to community service and volunteering at Veterans’ homes and hospitals. The club also organizes RV caravans across America to places like Alaska, New England, and the Southwest, offering unique travel experiences led by experienced members known as Wagon Masters at competitive prices. SMART publishes a bi-monthly magazine and hosts an annual “National Muster” among other regional musters, providing a platform for members to engage in a wide range of activities while fostering friendship, camaraderie, and support among the veteran community​

SMART RV Club Quick Links

SMART RV Club Cost & Fees

  • Active Duty: Free & $30 for extra
  • Veteran: $65 & $30 for extra

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