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Best Ways to Save Money on Your Next RV Road Trip

Immediate ways to Sane Money on you Next Travel Tip

  • Don’t drive with full tanks. Fuel, gas, gray tanks, black tanks, etc.
  • Drive slower. This increase your miles per gallon
  • Stay Longer. When you stay longer on certain RV Campsites you”’ receive a better discount / nightly rate.
  • RV Camp outside of Major Cities
  • Reduce Weight. Swap out metal for plastics or aluminum if you can.

Finding Affordable or Free Campsites

  • Utilizing resources like the Bureau of Land Management lands for free camping opportunities, highlighting the beauty and solitude of nature without the cost.
  • Boondocking tips and locations, including national forests, truck stops, and Walmart parking lots, with advice on etiquette and staying safe.
  • Researching and using apps like iOverlander and Campendium to find hidden gem sites, emphasizing user reviews and tips for each location.
  • The importance of early planning and reservations at popular destinations to secure lower rates.

Making the Most of Your RV’s Kitchen

  • Planning meals and grocery shopping tips to avoid impulse buys, including creating a meal plan that minimizes waste and maximizes enjoyment.
  • Comparison of costs: eating out vs. cooking in, emphasizing the savings of homemade meals with examples of easy and nutritious recipes.
  • Stocking up on essentials in bulk before the trip to save on grocery costs, and utilizing farmers’ markets for fresh, local produce.
  • The joy of cooking outdoors and how it can enhance the RV experience while saving money.

Membership and Discounts

  • Good Sam and other memberships for discounts on camping and fuel, detailing the annual cost versus potential savings.
  • Utilizing loyalty programs and apps for savings on attractions, dining, and even RV maintenance and parts.
  • Exploring state park passes for discounts on camping and entry fees, including benefits like unlimited access to parks within the state.
  • Tips for finding and joining local RV clubs or online communities that share exclusive deals and discounts.

Fuel Efficiency and Maintenance

  • Tips for keeping your RV in top condition to save on fuel, including regular servicing and the importance of clean air filters.
  • Importance of tire maintenance and aerodynamics to improve gas mileage, with advice on checking tire pressure and reducing drag.
  • Planning routes carefully to minimize unnecessary mileage and fuel consumption, using apps to avoid traffic and find the shortest routes.
  • The benefits of a slow travel philosophy, taking shorter trips and enjoying each destination fully to reduce overall fuel use.
  • GasBuddy

Entertainment and Activities

  • Finding free or low-cost activities and attractions, such as hiking, biking, and local festivals, with a focus on nature and outdoor adventures.
  • Leveraging local visitor’s bureaus and apps for ideas on free entertainment options, including historical sites and community events.
  • Taking advantage of national park free entry days for affordable sightseeing, and exploring lesser-known parks and monuments.
  • Encouraging participation in volunteer opportunities or local clean-up efforts that often provide free camping or entry as a thank you.

Websites, Apps & Tools to Help You Save Money

Miscellaneous Money Saving RV Tips

  • Refill your propane tanks versus exchange the, Alot of times you will get shorter on the exchange making you pay more in the end.

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