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AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera for Enhanced Rear-View Visibility

AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera with 7″ Monitor System was recently tried out by me. The product boasts impressive features such as solar power charging, easy installation, and clear 1080P image quality for enhanced rear-view visibility.

I installed the AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera on my travel trailer and was pleasantly surprised by its performance. The installation was a breeze and took me less than 5 minutes. The solar charging feature is a game-changer, ensuring that the battery lasts a long time. The image quality on the 7″ monitor is crystal clear both during the day and at night. I found the wireless signal to be strong and reliable, with no delays. The camera’s waterproof design also proved effective during inclement weather. Overall, the AUTO VOX Backup Camera provided me with added safety and convenience while on the road.

Key Features and Benefits:

AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera

Easy DIY Installation:. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of professional installation – this camera is 100% wireless and comes with a high-capacity battery. You can easily remove and re-install it on another vehicle or location, saving you time and money. The convenience and ease of installation make this a top choice for RV owners.Solar Powered and Long Battery Life:
Equipped with solar panels, this backup camera can efficiently charge during sunny days, extending its battery life for your long-term travel needs. Even in winter or low sunlight conditions, you can power it through the USB port. The solar feature adds a sustainable and eco-friendly touch to the camera, ensuring you have a reliable backup system for your vehicle.

Installation Simplicity of the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera

AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera

e AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera is a game-changer with its 5-minute DIY installation. This attribute alone sets it apart in the market, offering users a hassle-free setup process that can be completed within minutes. The claim of a 5-minute DIY installation is not an exaggeration, making it accessible even to those who are not technically inclined.

The convenience of not having to deal with cumbersome wiring or professional installations not only saves time but also significantly reduces costs. This aspect of the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera is especially beneficial for RV owners and truck drivers who frequently find themselves on the move and require a reliable backup camera system that can be easily transferred between vehicles.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Operation of AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera

AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera

Standout Feature:. By harnessing solar energy to power the camera, users can enjoy extended battery life and reduced environmental impact, making it a smart choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Moreover, the cost savings associated with solar power cannot be overstated. The ability to recharge the camera’s battery through solar energy or via USB in less favorable conditions means that users can avoid the ongoing costs associated with replacing batteries, further enhancing the value proposition of the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera.

Enhanced Safety Features of the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera

AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera

e of the standout features of the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera is its unparalleled ease of installation. The camera’s high-definition 1080P resolution and infrared night vision capabilities ensure clear visibility in a variety of lighting conditions, helping to prevent accidents and improve overall road safety.

Additionally, the strong and stable digital signal, free from interference up to 50ft, ensures real-time transmission of the rear view, further contributing to the driver’s situational awareness. These features, combined with the wide viewing angle and the option for split-screen monitoring, make the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera a reliable safety tool for any vehicle.

Comparing AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera with Traditional Wired Models

AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera

Eco-Conscious Technology:. The wireless design not only simplifies installation but also enhances the system’s versatility, allowing it to be easily moved between vehicles without the need for complex re-wiring.

The solar-charging capability of the AUTOVOX model further distinguishes it from wired counterparts, offering a sustainable and cost-effective power solution. While wired models may have their own advantages, such as potentially more stable connectivity, the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera’s combination of ease of use, environmental friendliness, and advanced safety features make it a compelling choice for modern drivers.

Long-Term Reliability and User Satisfaction with the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera


today’s eco-conscious world, the solar-powered feature of the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera represents a major leap forward in sustainable technology for vehicle accessories. User reviews consistently praise the camera’s durability and the quality of its construction, indicating that it stands up well to the rigors of daily use.

Satisfaction among users is high, with many highlighting the camera’s clear image quality, easy installation process, and reliable performance over time. The waterproof and hydrophobic properties of the camera also contribute to its longevity, ensuring that it continues to provide a clear view even in adverse weather conditions. These attributes, combined with positive customer service experiences, have solidified the AUTOVOX Solar-Wireless Backup Camera’s reputation as a trustworthy and valuable addition to any vehicle.


  • The AUTO VOX Solar Wireless Backup Camera is incredibly easy to install, boasting a DIY setup that can be completed in just 5 minutes, saving users both time and installation fees.
  • Features solar-powered charging, extending battery life and ensuring the camera is always ready for use, reducing the need for regular manual recharging.
  • Offers strong and stable digital signal transmission, providing clear, sharp 1080P images even at night, thanks to its IR night vision, ensuring safety and reliability.


  • The solar panel needs to be strategically placed to efficiently charge the camera, which may not always be convenient or feasible depending on the vehicle’s parking situation and geographic location.
  • The product is priced higher than many wired backup camera systems, which might deter budget-conscious buyers.
  • Despite its long range, the signal may occasionally freeze at distances close to its limit, which could be a concern for larger vehicles or towing scenarios.


In conclusion, the AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and performance. Its easy installation, solar power charging, and high-quality image display make it a valuable addition to any RV or trailer. Despite a few minor drawbacks, such as the positioning of the solar panel and higher cost compared to wired cameras, the overall benefits of this product far outweigh any negatives. I would highly recommend the AUTO VOX Wireless Backup Camera to anyone looking to enhance their rear-view visibility and driving experience.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does the battery last on a full charge without solar power?

Answer: The battery life is designed to last for 15 hours during the day and half as long during the night if the camera is used continuously. For intermittent use, such as only when reversing, it can last up to 3 months between charges.

Question: Can the camera and monitor be used with vehicles other than RVs and trailers?

Answer: Absolutely! The AUTO VOX Solar Wireless Backup Camera is versatile and can be used with a wide range of vehicles including trucks, campers, motorhomes, vans, and tractors, offering flexibility and convenience.

Question: Is it necessary to drill holes in the vehicle for installation?

Answer: No, the camera system is designed for easy, no-drill installation. It comes with mounting brackets for both the camera and the monitor, allowing for a hassle-free setup without permanent alterations to the vehicle.

AUTO VOX Solar Wireless Backup Camera with 7″ Monitor System, 1080P Rechargeable Battery…
  • Save $200 in 5mins DIY Installation: 100% Wireless! RV backup camera wireless is equipped with a high-capacity battery camera no need to connect car lights. Save the installation fee up to $200. The wireless backup camera makes it convenient to remove and re-install the RV camera on another vehicle or location