Demco 9599006 Stay In Play Duo Rv Braking System

Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System Review

The Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System offers a reliable solution for those seeking a top-notch braking system for their vehicle. With a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 from satisfied customers, this product is designed to meet your braking needs efficiently.

Priced at $1,175.00, this braking system comes with a host of features and positive reviews that applaud its performance and ease of installation. Here, we delve into the details to help you decide if this is the right product for you.

One reviewer mentioned that the installation process was straightforward and did not require a vacuum for their brakes. However, they noticed a slight issue with tire squealing on sharp corners, which the company addressed promptly.

Another customer praised the exceptional customer service they received during installation. Despite the installation being somewhat technical, the support team provided timely and helpful assistance, making the process much smoother.

Installation Process

Demco Stay-In-Play Duo Braking-System

The installation process of the Demco 9599006 Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System, as experienced by users, tends to be time-consuming but manageable. Many customers noted that the process was lengthy and involved some technical steps, particularly with wiring and mounting components. However, detailed instructions and video tutorials provided by the manufacturer and third-party sources like eTrailer made the installation more approachable. Users suggested mounting the compressor on top of the fuse box as an easy solution. Despite the time it takes, the installation can be completed by individuals with moderate technical skills, often within a day.

Customer Service

Demco Stay-In-Play Duo Braking-System

Customer service for the Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System has received high praise from users. Many customers were impressed by the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team. When faced with installation challenges, users reported that calling the support number resulted in immediate assistance from knowledgeable personnel. This level of service was particularly appreciated, as it allowed users to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. The positive customer service experience contributed significantly to the overall satisfaction with the product.

Product Performance

The performance of the Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System has been consistently rated highly by users. The system works as advertised, providing reliable braking assistance for towed vehicles. Users have reported that the product functions seamlessly once installed, enhancing safety and ease of use. The convenience of operating the system with a simple switch has been a notable benefit. Although there were occasional mentions of minor issues, such as cable breakage, these were generally resolved without major inconvenience.


Durability is a key strength of the Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System. Users have noted that the components are well-made and robust, capable of withstanding regular use. The system’s longevity is highlighted by customers who have used it for multiple years without significant problems. The heavy construction of the unit contributes to its durability, ensuring that it remains functional over extended periods. This reliability makes the product a worthwhile investment for those who frequently tow vehicles.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is a major selling point for the Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System. Once installed, the system is straightforward to operate, requiring minimal effort from the user. The ability to activate the braking system with a simple switch adds to its convenience. Users have found that the system integrates smoothly with their towing setup, providing consistent performance without the need for frequent adjustments. This simplicity and reliability enhance the overall user experience.


The Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making it a versatile choice for many users. Customers have successfully installed the system on different types of vehicles, including Jeep Liberty, GMC Canyon, and others. The system’s adaptability to various vehicle models and configurations is a significant advantage, allowing it to meet the needs of diverse users. This compatibility ensures that the product can be used in multiple towing scenarios.

User Reviews

User reviews for the Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System are overwhelmingly positive. With a product rating of 4.7 out of 5 and numerous five-star reviews, customers have expressed high satisfaction with the product. Reviews frequently highlight the ease of installation, excellent customer service, and reliable performance. Some users noted specific tips and recommendations, such as watching instructional videos and purchasing additional breakaway lanyards. Overall, the positive feedback reflects the quality and effectiveness of the braking system.

Product Features

The Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System comes with several notable features that enhance its functionality. The product includes a comprehensive package with ample wire and hose lengths, making installation more convenient. The system’s compact dimensions and relatively low weight contribute to its ease of handling and installation. Additionally, the system’s origin in the USA is a point of pride for many users, who appreciate the quality associated with American manufacturing. These features collectively make the product a practical and reliable choice.

Value for Money

At a price of $1,175.00, the Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System represents a significant investment. However, users generally consider it to be good value for money, given its performance, durability, and the quality of customer service. The initial cost is offset by the long-term benefits of reliable braking assistance and the convenience of easy operation. For those who frequently tow vehicles, the system’s effectiveness and longevity make it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Installation Tips

Several users have shared valuable tips to facilitate the installation of the Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System. Watching instructional videos prior to starting the installation can provide a clearer understanding of the process. Users recommend mounting the compressor on top of the fuse box for easier access and setting up the brake switch in a more accessible location. Additionally, having spare breakaway lanyards and pins on hand can be helpful. These tips can help streamline the installation process and ensure a smoother experience.


  • Easy to install with good customer support
  • Works perfectly and reliably
  • Highly recommended for 4 down braking


  • Lengthy and time-consuming installation
  • Technical wiring involved
  • Brake pedal cable may break over time

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Overall, the Demco Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System has garnered positive feedback for its functionality and support services. Users appreciate the ease of installation and the reliable performance of the system.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality braking system, this product is definitely worth considering. With rave reviews and a strong support network, it stands out as a top choice for vehicle owners.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the installation difficult?

Answer: The installation can be time-consuming and involves some technical wiring, but many users have found it manageable with the help of customer support and instructional videos.

Question: Does the system work without a vacuum for brakes?

Answer: Yes, one review mentioned that the system worked without needing a vacuum for their brakes.

Question: How is the customer service for this product?

Answer: Customer service is highly praised, with users noting that they were able to get help from actual humans who answered their questions efficiently.

Demco 9599006 Stay-in-Play Duo Braking System
  • Item Package Dimension:24.638 cm L X34.036 cm W X43.942 cm H