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Reliable RV Water Filter System: A Game-Changer

This review will cover its features, construction, and overall performance based on customer feedback and personal experience.

After a recent two-week trip, I can confidently say that the ULTRA RV Water Filter System with VirusGuard exceeded my expectations. The construction is sturdy yet not overly heavy, making it easy to transport and install in my RV. The three-stage filtering system effectively removes sediment, improves taste, and eliminates harmful contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and cysts. The convenience of having clean drinking water on one side and supply water for the RV on the other was a game-changer for my family. The storage process, ensuring the filter remains dry between uses, is simple and practical. Overall, the performance of this water filter system has been exceptional, providing peace of mind and reliable access to clean water during our travels.

Protection Against Contaminants:

RV Water Filter System

The Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System with VirusGuard offers unparalleled protection against a wide range of contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, and cysts. With its three-stage filtering process, this system effectively removes rust, sediment, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful substances from your water supply. The exclusive VirusGuard technology, developed with NASA technology, ensures that even the smallest viruses are trapped and filtered out, providing peace of mind for RV travelers concerned about water quality.Durable Construction:

Optimizing Your RV Lifestyle with the Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System

RV Water Filter System

RV enthusiasts know that adaptability is key, and the Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System is designed to meet the varied needs of the mobile lifestyle. When you’re living the RV life, the quality of your water can significantly impact your comfort and health. This system not only promises but delivers clean, taste-free, and odorless water, thanks to its cutting-edge filtration technology.

With its robust three-stage filtering process, the Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System ensures that you’re protected against viruses, bacteria, and cysts. Each stage of filtration is meticulously designed to address specific contaminants, making it an indispensable tool for anyone who prioritizes safety and purity in their water supply.

The Unmatched Versatility of the Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System

RV Water Filter System

While the Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System sets a high bar for water quality, prospective buyers should be aware of its limitations. Whether you’re parked by a serene lake or exploring the rugged terrains, the system’s bullet-proof construction ensures reliable performance under any conditions. This makes it not just a water filter but a steadfast companion on your adventures.

Moreover, the ease of replacing filters, with replacements readily available on Amazon, means that maintaining the system’s high performance is hassle-free. This convenience, combined with the system’s high flow rate and quick-connect fittings, underscores its value as a versatile solution for clean water on the go.

Navigating the Challenges: A Critical Look at the Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System

RV Water Filter System

The Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System offers an unprecedented level of water purification for RV enthusiasts. The system’s premium protection comes with a sizeable investment, making it important for RV owners to weigh the cost against the benefits. Additionally, the issue with freezing temperatures highlights the need for attentive care during colder months, a consideration for those who venture into frosty environments.

Another point to consider is the occasional report of pinched O-rings, which, while minor, underscores the importance of thorough inspection upon receipt. Despite these challenges, the system’s overall performance and the company’s responsive customer service contribute to a positive user experience.

Elevating RV Water Safety: The Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System’s Edge

In the world of RV water filters, the Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System stands out for its rigorous approach to safety. Its VirusGuard technology, leveraging advancements similar to those developed for space exploration, offers a level of protection against viruses that is unparalleled in the market. This commitment to safety is a testament to the brand’s dedication to providing RV owners with peace of mind.

The significance of such advanced protection cannot be overstated, especially for families and individuals who spend extended periods on the road. Clean water is a cornerstone of health, and by deploying a filtration system of this caliber, RV owners can significantly mitigate the risks associated with contaminated water sources.

Making the Investment: The Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System’s Value Proposition

At a glance, the price tag of the Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System may give some potential buyers pause. However, when considering the system’s unparalleled protection against a wide array of contaminants, its durable construction, and the long-term savings on bottled water, the investment becomes justifiable. The system’s ability to transform questionable water sources into safe, potable water can significantly enhance the RV living experience.

Moreover, the longevity of the filters and the system’s overall durability mean that the cost, spread over its lifespan, represents value for money. For those who view their RV not just as a vehicle but as a home, investing in a water filter system of this caliber is a wise decision that prioritizes health, safety, and peace of mind.


  • Provides unparalleled protection against viruses, bacteria, and cysts thanks to its three-stage filtering system, including the exclusive VirusGuard technology.
  • Constructed with a rugged, powder-coated metal chassis and stainless steel fittings, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Improves the taste and smell of water by removing or reducing chlorine and volatile organic compounds through its 0.5-micron coconut shell carbon block filter.


  • Priced at $499.99, the system may be considered expensive by some, potentially limiting its accessibility.
  • The initial filters provided with the system may have quality control issues, as indicated by a customer needing to replace them immediately to achieve clear water.
  • The system’s size and the necessity for thorough drying and storage when not in use might be inconvenient for some users.


In conclusion, the ULTRA RV Water Filter System with VirusGuard is a top-notch product that delivers on its promises. The positive customer reviews highlighting its effectiveness in improving water quality and the excellent customer service in case of any issues further validate its quality. Despite a minor inconvenience with the initial filters, the overall performance and benefits of this water filter system make it a worthwhile investment for any RV owner seeking clean and safe drinking water on the go.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How does the VirusGuard technology work?

Answer: The VirusGuard technology uses an electrically charged coating to trap even the smallest viruses, far beyond the capabilities of standard 0.2 micron filters.

Question: Can I find replacement filters easily?

Answer: Yes, genuine Clearsource Replacement Filter Three Packs with VirusGuard are available on Amazon, ensuring you can maintain the system’s performance over time.

Question: Is this system suitable for all RVs?

Answer: Absolutely! The system boasts bullet-proof construction and is designed to be easily mountable in RVs, making it a great fit for virtually any recreational vehicle.

Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System with VirusGuard – Ultra Protection Against…
  • PROTECTION AGAINST VIRUSES, BACTERIA, AND CYSTS. Our top-of-the-line Ultra systems with Clearsource-exclusive VirusGuard filters that use NASA-developed technology to remove or reduce not just bacteria and cysts, but viruses. No other RV water filter on the market provides anything close to that level of protection.